Welcome to the Handspicker Family Website

"One thing we have discovered is that we are a nation of wanderers. Our ancestors have wandered the globe, and often left us with only one clue to trace their heritage, their surname." -Unknown

From Bavaria to the American Colonies before the Revolutionary War, from Bergen NJ to help found Digby Nova Scotia, then from Digby to Ogunquit Maine and on to Boston Massachusetts, the Handspickers have been a family of wanderers.  Now distributed across the United States, though only a small tribe with this variant of a name, the Handspickers continue to wander and continue to make their mark on the world.

"In order for all our cousins to be gathered together, from wherever they may have wandered, you need a nest to gather them in." - Jared Handspicker

This site is such a nest, virtual to be sure, but a nest for our extended family.